What is the GST/HST Number?

Generally, you do not have to register for GST/HST if your worldwide revenues are $30,000 or less. However, you can register voluntarily. While it is not mandatory for most businesses to register and collect HST until reaching  exceeded worldwide sales of $30,000 for single calendar quarter or four consecutive calendar quarters, we generally recommend that any business register as soon as possible.
Most individuals and companies engaged in commercial activities in Canada who have worldwide, taxable sales of more than $30,000 over any four or fewer consecutive calendar quarters must register for and collect the Goods and Services Tax (GST) / Harmonized Sales Tax (HST).

General Information about GST/HST

Most goods and services sold or provided in Ontario are taxable at the rate of 13% (HST).

If you decide to register: 

  • GST/HST registrants who provide taxable goods or services have to charge, collect, and remit GST/HST on your sales of taxable goods and services.
  • You will also have to file GST/HST returns on a regular basis;
  • GST/HST registrants have to stay registered for at least one year before you can cancel your registration (unless you stop your commercial activities). 
  • If you choose not to register, you cannot charge GST/HST to your customers and the GST/HST you pay on your business purchases becomes a cost for which you cannot claim ITCs.




If you already have a BN, you have to complete Form RC1A, Business Number (BN) – GST/HST Account Information to get a GST/HST account. Indicate your existing BN on Form RC1A.
If you are registered for HST/GST you must file your return by your due date. We file on monthly, quarterly, annual basic electronically.
 If the GST collected is less than the GST/HST paid or payable, a refund can be claimed